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Best Snowmobile Helmet Reviews

Nowadays, with technological advancement, every product to protect you when driving has improved significantly. Helmet is no exception with new features, materials, and designs to serve the demand of riders. However, this baffles you in the task to find a suitable helmet. To save you hours surfing the Internet, and searching in supermarkets, or throwing a helmet in your warehouse after purchase, it just takes you 5 minutes to read this instruction. Hope this information is helpful for you to buy the best snowmobile helmets.

Our Top Snowmobile Helmets for 2015

Helmet ImageModelTypeRatingPrice
HJC CL-16 helmetHJC CL-16Full Face4.8$$
Shoei Solid QwestShoei Solid QwestFull Face5.0$$$
GLX Carbon HelmetGLX CarbonFull Face4.5$$$
Shoei Metallic Neotec Road RaceShoei Metallic NeotecModular4.4$$$$$
GMax GM54SGMax GM54SModular4.2$$
HJC SprintHJC SprintBluetooth4.6$$$
Scorpion EXO-1100 SolidScorpion EXO-1100Full Face5.0$$$
HJC Solid Men CL-17HJC Solid Men's CL-17Full Face4.9$$$
Shoei RF-1200 HelmetShoei RF-1200Full Face4.5$$$$$
First, you have to understand what a true best helmet is, or else, you don’t know why you have to buy it. Trust me; I have spent much money in helmet because of my biggest passion for travelling everywhere on my motorcycle.

What a true snowmobile helmet is?

A helmet is comprised of three layers:


  • The outer layer is made of rigid plastic or light carbon to balance the impact force. When a serious concussion occurs, the outer layer becomes a shield helping to minimize injury and stabilize human brains. Hundreds of experiments verify the outer layer’s function regardless of the strength of physical force.
  • Next is a porous layer to minimize the concussion’s impact on human brain. Despite that the rigid plastic prevents the physical contact with force; merely the rigid outer layer can cause damage to brains. The porous layer steps in to reduce the forces and increase safety for riders.
  • The inner layer of a helmet is made of cloth to cool down the head skin contact with the porous layer and the rigid plastic layer. The thickness of this layer is altered in accord with its functions or uses. Before, producers add a soft and thin layer to bring comfort, especially in sunny or rainy weather. Of course, an extra layer mainly serves to protect users.
  • Other parts like straps, transparent face shields, or peaks perform different functions. For example, straps are to keep the helmets fixed on riders’ heads, face shields are to improve vision and protect from dust or wind. People usually wear helmets to lessen their anxiety about smoke and dust in big cities.

When do we have to change our snowmobile helmets?

5 reasons you should buy a new helmet:

  1. Your helmet is hit by strong force in accident
  2. Accessories of helmet are damaged due to considerable use.
  3. The layer of cushion inside the helmet is damaged due to considerable use. You can check by wearing the helmet, buckle the strap, and shake your head from the left to the right. If your helmet comes loose on your head; this means your helmet is no longer protective.
  4. In the surface of your helmet appear white crevices or small cracks.
  5. Even though you don’t notice any above signs, you should replace your helmet after 5 years according to professional advice.

Ok, so you want to buy a helmet right now? Let me show you all buying guides

Compare the snowmobile helmet types

Now there are five basic types of helmet:

  • Full face helmet

    agv-k3-solid-full-face-helmetFull face helmets protect the entire head, include both the face and chin. According to statistics, 35% of motorcycle accidents in which the driver was badly hurt because the chin, teeth, nose are unprotected. The transparent plastic face shield can absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
    In addition it help the driver when traveling at high-speed without the wind against your face cause fatigue, drowsiness, or watery eyes.


    motorcycle_helmet_accidentThe full face helmet after an accident

    The disadvantage of this type: the size is quite big, heavy and bulky types should not comfortable in the store.
    Many wearers dislike heat and lack of wind, so now most of Full face helmets are formed by the air circulation system. Many manufacturers also have many improvements to make their products much lighter weight, ensuring aesthetic quality but still well protected.
    >> Full face helmet intended for high capacity motorcycles or driving at high speeds.

  • Open face or 3/4 helmet

    2011-Rockhard-American-ClasAs the name, this type can cover the three quarters of the head include cheeks, nape and ears.

    Pros: Because potentially greater coverage than Half helmet so users will get better head protection. Most of Open face helmets are equipped with windshield prevents them wind against your face while driving on the road.

    Cons: With larger sizes, this kind will not really lightweight as Half Face, although the accident, ¾ helmet still can not protect the entire head, the chin of the driver. In addition because the structure covering the ear should be hard to get a headset when using.

    >> This hat type more suitable for those who travel long distances but still suitable for use in the city.


  • Off-road / motocross / Dirt-bike helmet

    motocross_helmetThe name of this type of helmet attached to motocross (or dirt-bike), commonly used in the race over rough terrain or risky adventures.

    Generally this type of helmet has a structure similar to a full face helmet but chin bar and visor portions longer to shade and soil better. If you’ve ever known motocross and dirt-bike regularly go over the wetlands or stones area, the helmet is the best choice.


  • Modular or “flip-up” helmet

    modular_helmetAs discussed above, full face or ¾ helmet, each of these have their pros and cons. Combining the strengths, compensate for weaknesses of both types, the manufacturers have launched helmets named Modular (flip up). Basically, this is a full face helmet but with the movable chin bar, in case of need can pull up top and it becomes a ¾ helmet.




That great with couple modular helmet

  • Half helmet

    half_helmetHalf helmet also called 1/2 or Half Face helmet, there is also a brief definition of this type. This type can only cover the top half of the head.

    Pros: This type has the advantage by compact dimension, many stylish, airy and very easy to carry. Also when using this type of helmet users can comfortably use a wired bluetooth or headset because the ears are not covered.

    Cons: Half helmet with the lowest protection for user because it can only cover the small area. When the accident, other areas like the face, ears, chin and back of the neck is very vulnerable.
    >> You should only use this type to travelling in the city at a slower rate, or merely use motorcycle to pick your pet or to drop by a supermarket.


How to buy the safest snowmobile helmet?

You have to concern whether the material is safe or not? No, it’s bygone as professional organizations take charge of that for you. Currently on the market there are three most prestigious standards, helps you not worry about quality.

  • DOT – The United States Department of Transportation establishes a minimum standard level of protection for helmets.
  • ECE – The U.N. Economic Commission for Europe sets a standard level of protection for helmets in Europe.
  • Snell – A non-profit in the United States founded after the death of Pete Snell, a sports car racer who died from head injuries.


SNELL vs DOT vs ECE Helmets – Motorcycle Helmet Safety Ratings Video

You need to have your Helmet Size and Head Shape

Whether you can see a nice helmet, trendy but size does not fit, then it’s best to forget it. You should remember that the most important for buying a motorcycle helmet is safe!

To measure your head size, very simple, you just need to follow these steps:

You need a tape measure or a soft rope, and then you wrap around the fullest part of the head (usually just above the eyebrows and ears). You can stand in front of mirror or ask for help when measuring. After you have a size, you compare it with the size chart below:

helmet chart
In addition, the manufacturers has studied very carefully about the user’s head shape and produce the appropriate helmet. There are 3 types: Long Oval, Oval Intermediate (the most common type on the market), Round Oval.
For ease of imagination, you see the below illustrations:

Credit: OutdoorGearLab

How to choose and fit a new helmet video

What are the best snowmobile helmet brands?

There are hundreds of motorcycle helmet brands out there and most of them are actually very good nowadays since they have to keep up with the competition. Though they all have to pass the DOT helmet standards to be approved, they are not made equal for sure. A few of the brands have managed to stand out due to their top notch quality and other factors. Let’s check out some of the best snowmobile helmet brands;
i. HJC
hjc-helmet-logoThis brand is one of the most popular in most countries around the world and it has been the no. 1 brand in North America for over 20 years. It has been operational since the year 1971 and it has majored mainly on helmets. They are constantly improving their technology and testing methods to come up with high quality, safe, stylish and affordable helmets over the years.
ii. Shoei
shoei-motorcycle-helmetsShoei is a fairly small company based I Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1959 and it’s like the pioneer in the helmet industry. They were the first to put carbon fiber and kelvar in the helmets. Their helmets are loved by many all over the world due to their high quality.


iii. Bell
bell-motorcycle-helmetsThe very first full face helmet was made by Bell in 1971 and they have never looked back since then. They have managed to cause ripples in the industry with their ability to make very stylish and high quality helmets. They are beautifully designed and very comfortable. Their helmets are very popular e.g. the Rough Helmet.



iv. Arai
arai-motorcycle-helmetsThis Japan-based company was started in 1926 and is the oldest helmet making company. All their helmets are handmade and are tested at every stage of production making them very detailed and of high standards. They are really comfortable and the ventilation system is the best. Their helmets are loved by racers all over the world.


v. Nolan
nolan-motorcycle-helmetsNolan is an Italian based helmet manufacturer that was established in 1973. They have produced some of the safest helmets in the market even exceeding the DOT helmet Standards. Some of the biggest names in the motorcycle racing like Marco Melandri & Casey Stoner have used the Nolan helmets in their careers.

vi. AGV
agv-helmetsAGV was started in Italy by Gino Amisano. Their first products were leather seats before they finally ventured into motorcycle helmets in 1947. They are among the most recognized names in the industry and their helmets have been won by all range of people from ordinary riders to world champions.



vii. KBC
kbc-helmetsThis is one of the latest brands in this list but that has not stopped them from making a mark in the helmet industry. They always have the ability to come up with some of the best helmet designs thanks to their extensive research and new ideas.
viii. Shark
This France-based European giant has been making some of the best helmets for over twenty five years. They have become an incredibly popular choice around the globe thanks to their attention to detail and focus on innovation.

These brands have become the undisputed kings of the helmet industry in recent years and probably more years to come unless other brands up their game. So it’s safe to say that this are the brands to look out for the next time you go shopping.


What are the best snowmobile helmets?

Getting the right snowmobile helmet can turn out to be a tricky affair for many riders. It’s always important to choose the helmet that best suites you and the conditions you ride in on a daily basis. These helmets come in different types and styles i.e.

  • Open Face- covers ¾ of the head with no front chin/ facial protection.
  • Snowcross open face MX- it‘s almost the same as the open face except it has got the frontal chin with no visor.
  • Full face- it has the fixed jaw section with visor.
  • Modular full face- this covers every part of the head and has the ability to open the jaw section and lift the visor.

Here are a few factors that you’ll probably want to give a thought before you settle for the right helmet for your Skidoo, Arctic cat, Polaris or whatever brand your snowmobile is;

  • The weather conditions. If you are mostly riding in cold areas, the Modular full face will be perfect for you as it covers every part of your head keeping you warm. The temperatures get even lower when you are in motion and the Modular is guaranteed to keep your face warm. On the other hand, Open Face or Snowcross helmets accompanied by goggles are perfect for warmer or hot areas.
  • Which kind of rider are you? Do you use your snowmobile for racing purposes? These are important questions to ask yourself before getting your helmet. If you are a daring rider who’s got the need for speed or just love extreme riding then you should settle for the helmet that completely covers the face for safety.

That said, here are the top 3 snowmobile helmets that you should watch out for the next time you go shopping;

Bell Cam Adult Qualifier On-Road Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Cam Adult Qualifier Street Motorcycle HelmetThis sleek Modular by Bell racing is the best snowmobile helmet for racers that is available for that price. It’s made of a lightweight polycarbonate Shell and has an adjustable ventilation system that helps in cooling. It has speaker pockets for audio speakers and superior anti-scratch, anti-fog and UV protected shield. It’s convenient for riders who wear glasses because of the flip front face.
It’s safe, simple and it’s relatively affordable. It’s best suited for frigid temperatures, cross country trails and high speed snowmobiling. Its visibility is a bit lower than that of open face helmet because of the visor and it can get a bit noisy too especially when on high speed.

Bell Women’s Vortex Monarch Helmet

Bell Women's Vortex Monarch HelmetThis street helmet is one of the best as far as full face helmets are concerned. It’s safely and comfortably built. It’s made of composite polycarbonate alloy shell that makes it lighter. If you love some music to juice your ride, you’ll be impressed by the integrated speaker pockets that you can put your audio speakers. The interior is removable and washable and is also antibacterial and antimicrobial as a plus.
The wind road noise has been drastically reduced by the padded wind collar. It has got the ClickRelease that makes it easy to change the shields. NutraFog II superior shield is anti-scratch, anti- fog and UV protected. The full face wind protection keeps the face dry and warm making it suitable for high speed snowmobiling and is also great for cold terrains.
It’s not suitable for riders who wear glasses though since you are going to have to remove the whole helmet just to clear the glasses. You’ll also have to completely remove it when you need some fresh air. It can also get really noisy when at high speeds. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best in its price category.

HJC Mission Men’s CL-17 Snow Snowmobile Helmet – MC-5F

HJC Mission Men's CL-17 Snow Snowmobile Helmet - MC-5FThis snowcross helmet has perfect visibility due to the large face opening and it works best with goggles since they can easily be removed or adjusted. It’s made from an advanced polycarbonate composite shell that is lighter and stronger. The interior has multi- density EPS liner that absorbs impact and improves comfort. It has fully removable multi- layered crown and cheek pads that are fit and comfortable.
It has as an advanced channeling ventilation system that allows airflow into the shield interior preventing the shield from fogging. It’s perfect for extreme snowmobile riding and snowcross competitions. It can get noisy at high speeds though.

Choose the snowmobile helmet that is suitable for your riding style and is pocket friendly. Most of the helmets nowadays are upgraded and advanced so you probably won’t worry much about their safety and quality standards. Make sure you measure your head in it to make sure it fits before buying though. Have a great ride, shall you?

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